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Your menu is key to raising your profit and promoting your brand.

Guests only view your menu for a little less than two minutes.  

  • Design your menu to optimize the high traffic areas of the menu; so that it emphasizes your highest gross profit items.

  • Draw attention to these items by using a simple icon or distinct border.

  • Your menu should promote your unique brand - isn't that why your guests keep returning?

  • The result will be an increased bottom line.
    Ask yourself:

    "Does my menu have too many or too few choices?"
    "Does my menu make my mouth water?"
    "Have I designed my menu with the proper messaging to produce repeat guests ?"

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    By Jim Collins

    Restaurant Consulting

    Seattle's restaurant scene is thriving.
    Your business is doing "well." You and your staff are "just fine."
    So, what is the point of bringing in a Restaurant Coach?

    Restaurant Coaches are an invaluable asset.
    We chose to work with The Hamlin Group
    and they exceeded our expectations.

    Continuous improvement would be the answer. Continuous Improvement is the practice of reviewing, refining, and improving the processes and functions of your workplace. There are several goals, but most importantly is increasing your bottom line. The Hamlin Group brings over 35 years of direct experience and brings "fresh eyes" to review your operations and management with the leadership of your company. We can tell you what we see from our 10,000-foot level.

    You've got a great idea and you want to be your own boss.
    You've got some savings, you've got some skills, you're ready to go.

    Location. Location. Location.
    People/Management. Your Product. Business Plan.
    Financing. Advertising/Marketing.

    In Seattle, where there are so many talented chefs and so many restaurants from which to choose, there is no room for a "close to the mark" launch. It's a competitive scene, with high standards which make for "tough odds" of successfully making your mark. Every year at least 75% either go out of business or change ownership . A restaurant which doesn't "WOW!" slogs upstream against the long-slow slide towards business failure.

    Your margins are not what you expect.

    Your restaurant should averge 2 1/2 turns at dinner, but you're only hitting that number on the weekend. You're making a profit, but your margin from the dessert menu was supposed to be 8% and it's coming in at 6%. Your restaurant is clearly profitable, but it is under-performing.

    Larry Hamlin has been there on a Tuesday night with payroll due on Thursday. He's put together the FOH and BOH teams who've worked with and for him for more than 20 years. He hasn't just managed restaurants, he's conceived, funded, built, operated, and sold over 30 restaurants in Seattle, and not all of those have been successful. He knows what to look for and how to turn it around. The Hamlin Group brings their passion for people, product, and process adding measurable results to your bottom line.

    Profits increased over 20%!
    Even with all the changes, the front and back of the house
    seamlessly provided the same smooth service to their guests,
    and the optimized menu improved kitchen efficiency.

    Whether you are opening, expanding, or restructuring, The Hamlin Group is ready to turn your goals into reality. He and his group of seasoned experts will help you navigate the challenges of this demanding industry.

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