Portage Bay Cafe
John Gunnar

We Define Results, by looking at People, Product & Process
Before we begin to give advice, we listen. We learn about you,
ask you what you want, and study how you operate.


Even successful operators benefit from a fresh, editorial eye reviewing their operations and management.



Concept development/business plan
No business goes anywhere without a business plan which includes financials, marketing analysis, and a developed concept.

Improve top line sales
We know how your operations impact your sales. We can also show you how to bring new customers in through top-of-mind awareness.

Marketing and community outreach (top of mind awareness)
We have winning strategies for improving customer loyalty of your existing base and advise you on how to continually attract new ones.

Bookkeeping and accounting
We have the right people for your needs. We can also help you understand your sales, expenses, labor and food costs.

Strategies for underperforming restaurants
We have them. We share them. We can help turn yours around.

Service and management training
Your people make your operation successful. Your staff are people, not labor costs. We help you find, train, and invest in the people who have the right skills and temperament for the positions. We can also develop employee manuals, leaving you confident that both you and your employees understand the labor and health laws, and the benefits of working as a team.

Menu Design for Profit Maximization
Your menu is the single most important element of your operation; setting the stage for what follows. Design the layout and content of your menu to increase your guest check average.

Viability analysis
It's a tough business and we help you take a realistic look at your current operation or critique your new concept. We look at strengths and weaknesses, market trends, how you differentiate yourself in the marketplace and do a financial assessment.

Whether it's for your first start up or you need cash to improve a current operation. We can connect you with the right financial institutions.

Identify the right location and real estate
You've heard it more than once, and we too swear to it as well: "Location. Location. Location. "can make or break your restaurant. Your concept and vision must match the location and we give you our honest feedback. We connect you with the right people for the real estate and ensure you come out with a debt structure you can handle based upon realistic projected earnings.

Develop and build new restaurants
Millions of details and each one will be critical. We help you from start to finish, and we'll be there with you.

Cost controls and budget
We help you identify opportunities and show you how to stay on top of the money every step of the way, find the right systems or refine your current systems, read the reports, and most importantly implement the changes that need to be made.

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